My Naked Bong Hits experience

My boyfriend works for a local retail store. He met Kim who is a classic stoner chick on his first day when he dropped a blunt in front of her while they were working together and she told him that now she seen it he has to smoke it with her. She has come over to our apartment many times and we get along well. She is a cute girl and if we weren't both straight I am sure we would be more than smoking buddies. My sister is getting married and since I am such a big part of the wedding as the brides maid, I have been pretty busy with my family lately and Matt and I have not been getting the time together we need so I decided to surprise him when he came home from work. I usually get home a few minutes after him, but today I left a little early. When I got home I took off my clothes and qued up his favorite song. I heard the car pull up and turned it on, coming out of the bedroom to greet him at the unlocked door. But when it opened, Matt wasen't there, instead Kim came in to see me stark naked! She was surprised at first but immediately knew the deal. We both started laughing as she started telling me how her boyfriend was away tonight and Matt told her to come over for dinner and bongs. He was out getting pizza! Since I was already naked and she didn' t seem to mind I decided to do a quick bong hit with her before getting dressed. As we were smoking the rip Kim mentioned that now she has seen me naked, we should have another accident where I get to see her body! I can't wait!

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